2 years ago

Fuer Elise

Pianotainment® is considered to be the best “piano acrobatic act” in the world (SZ). Both professional piano players since their early childhood Stephan Weh and Marcel Dorn, travel around the globe with their show called CRAZY CONCERT. New York, Dubai or Shanghai – everywhere they go they connect to the audience with their virtuosity and humor by creating a fascinating concert atmosphere. Because of that reason more than 25000 independent entertainment insiders voted the duo into Germany’s Top Ten Entertainers circle (Conga Awards).

Almost effortless the two extraordinary pianists juggle four-handed with classical, pop and jazz, but always keep the right balance between sophistication and show. „Fuer Elise“ as a lounge-version, “The Flight of the Bumble Bee” in record speed, backward standing piano playing or using tennis balls(!) – an evening of variety is guaranteed. “Ludicrously what both performed at the piano” writes the Fuer Elise prestigious German FOCUS magazine. Come and have yourself entertained by crazy ideas with and around music, that will stick to your ears, rub your soul and make you smile…